Our Strategic Objectives

Universities Fund uses the following baselines and targets to provide a current performance benchmark and a desired future performance for the institution. The Fund will implement the following strategic objectives and strategies to achieve its goals.

Institutional Capacity

Fulfilled by strengthening human capital, provision of physical infrastructure and equipment , and Automation of UF’s operations.

Resource Mobilization

Mobilize resources for financing Universities, develop policy for resource mobilization and establish partnerships and collaborations.

Review of funding framework

Review and implement the Differentiated Unit Cost and develop and implement the criteria for conditional grants to Private Universities.

Our Key Partners

We focus on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we can support each other at every step of our journey in the best way possible.

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service.
Kenya National Innovation Agency.
Kenya National Qualification Authority.
National Research Fund.
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.