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CEO's Welcome Message

"On behalf of the Board, management and staff of the Universities Fund, I take this opportunity to welcome you to our website whose main purpose is to facilitate communication and sharing of information, knowledge, best practices and tools for sustainable funding for Universities."
geoffrey monari
Chief Executive Officer

About Us

The Universities Fund was established under section 53 of the Universities Act, 2012 for financing Universities in Kenya. The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees known as the Universities Funding Board (UFB) which has been in operation since 2016.

Strategic Priorities

Below are priority areas that express different aspects of our core mandate to enable effective University financing.

Customer focus

We aim at promoting the brand and image of the Fund, nurture strategic partnerships and linkages, and enhance the Fund's value proposition.

Institution Building and Innovation

Universities Fund aims at creating readiness for the present and future by harnessing Information, Communication and Technology for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Capacity building

We seek to strengthen human capital by recruiting adequate and competent staff while implementing staff performance management.

Sustainable Financing and Stewardship

Universities Fund intends to provide for funding growth and diversification while promoting stewardship and accountability.

Key Mandate


Advise the Cabinet Secretary in matters of University Education funding and related policy issues.

Fund Apportioning

Apportion funds to Universities in accordance with criteria established and approved.

Resource Mobilization

Mobilize and receive funds for purposes of the Fund from government donors and other sources.


In consultation with the Cabinet Secretary, develop a transparent and fair criteria for allocation of fund.

Minimum Remuneration

Establish the minimum discipline differentiated remuneration for academic staff of universities.

Maximum Differentiated unit cost

In consultation with the Public Universities, establish the maximum Differentiated Unit Cost for the programs offered.

Institutions Funded

Public Universities
Private Universities

Our Partners

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