Who are we?

The Universities Fund (UF) is a state Corporation established under section 53 of the universities act number 42 of 2012.

What we do?

The main mandate of the Universities Fund is to finance universities using an established criterion that promotes sustainability in university financing.

Do we give out loans to students?

The Universities Fund does not issue out loans to students. UF finances universities directly based on the number of students a university has and the courses the students are taking.

Do we fund Postgraduate students?

Currently, the UF does not fund masters and PhD students.

Do we fund both private and public universities?

The UF finances public universities and gives conditional grants to private universities.

Do the grants issued to students have an expiration date?

UF only funds students for the duration of the course a student is undertaking. No additional funds are allocated to a student who has surpassed his/her course period.

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