UF Funding Framework

Universities Funding Framework

Public and Private universities in Kenya are allocated government grants based on the number of governments sponsored students and the program they are undertaking. In addition, universities have other sources of income that supplement government grants. This is in addition to other Sources of Income in public universities such as Government allocation, Recurrent Expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Tuition fees, Income generating activities and other incomes.

To ensure equity, transparency and sustainability in apportioning funds, the Universities funding framework has been developed. It stipulates the condition for institutional and student eligibility for funding. For implementation purposes, the framework is presented in a funding model that uses measurable and objective parameters. The framework is applicable to accredited universities and/or recognized by CUE and students placed by KUCCPS and/or admitted in those universities.

Parameters used in the Funding Model

Funding Framework

Parameters Used in DUC

1. Staff Cost, Student-Staff Ratio;
2. Student Numbers;
3. Cost of Infrastructure and operations;
4. Student Load Types and;
5. Levels of Programs.

Funding Framework

Proposed Parameters for consideration to DUC

1. Post Graduate-Research
2. National Priority
3. Institutional factor- Age of University
4. Special Needs Education

Government Funding Eligibility

Univeristies Eligible
All Universities accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) are eligible for government funding. Universities with letters of interim authority are also eligible for funding. The Universities that benefit from this funding must offer training and research programmes that are approved by CUE and are aligned to the national priority areas as expressed by government policy from time to time.

Students Eligible for Funding

The following are the categories of students eligible for government funding in accredited universities in Kenya:
  1. Students who after sitting for KCSE are placed by KUCCPS to pursue undergraduate degrees in accredited public and private universities and take up their admissions in the year of placement. Students in undergraduate programmes qualify for funding approved duration of the programmes which varies from 4 to 5 years depending on the degree programme.
  2. Students who are placed by KUCCPS to pursue undergraduate degrees in public and private universities upon completion of Diploma programmes recognized by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA).
  3. Students who are placed in Masters Programmes by KUCCPS and/or admitted by Universities are eligible for funding for a maximum duration of two years.
  4. Students who are placed in Doctorates programmes by KUCCPS and/or admitted by Universities are eligible for funding for a maximum duration of 3 years.

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