Resource Mobilization


The Universities Fund Board (UFB) is mandate to conduct resource mobilization as anchored in section 54(4) (f) and section 54 (5) of the Universities Act 42, of 2012 which requires UFB to mobilize resources for the financing of universities. The purpose for seeking adequate resources of funding university education in Kenya is to ensure that the objectives of University Education in Kenya as spelt in the Universities Act are achieved to the greatest extent possible. The objectives and the corresponding resource implications are as shown in the table.

Objectives of university education and resource implications

Objectives of University Education
Resource Implications
Advancement of knowledge through teaching, scholarly research and scientific investigation;
Funding Research and Development (PhDs)
Promotion of learning in the student body and society generally;
Sufficient funding to employ adequate number of faculty members
Promotion of cultural and social life of society;
Sensitization of faculty members to train students on Education for sustainable development and Global Citizenship Education
Support and contribution to the realization of national economic and social development;
Funding scholars in programs of national priority
Promotion of the highest standards in, and quality of, teaching and research;
Financing of Monitoring and Evaluation activities
Education, training and retraining higher level professional, technical and management personnel;
Funding capacity development for university management trainings
Promotion of gender balance and equality of opportunity among Marginalized groups
Affirmative action in funding the disadvantaged group

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